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Facing a DWI charge in San Antonio can have major consequences, even if it’s your first infraction. A DWI can adversely affect your driving rights, employment prospects, and even your chances of college admission. It can also place limitations on your fundamental rights, including the right to bear arms and freedom of movement, with potential incarceration ranging from half a year to multiple years for habitual violators.

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Contesting the evidence presented by the prosecution may result in a dismissal of a DWI charge. DWI detentions are typically conducted without a warrant, and law enforcement officers are required to demonstrate reasonable suspicion and establish probable cause consistently and without fail.

  • What steps should you take after receiving a DWI in San Antonio?

First, engage with a DWI lawyer in San Antonio. The city is home to numerous law firms, but only a few have experience in cases related to intoxication offenses.

  • How can I find out my court date in Bexar County?

To find your court date and access other critical information about your case, visit the Bexar County & District Clerk’s website.

DUI Attorney in San Antonio

A DUI charge can understandably cause a whirlwind of concern, leading to questions like “Could I lose my driving privileges?” “What penalties am I up against?” and “How on earth will I defend myself?” swirling in your mind. But there’s good news — San Antonio’s legal experts are here to assist.

So, what exactly can a DUI attorney in San Antonio do for you? They’re equipped to do quite a bit. They can engage in negotiations with the Bexar County District Attorney, striving to lessen charges. The DWI defense attorneys at Trey Porter Law are skilled in crafting unparalleled, personalized, powerful defenses. The dynamic attorneys at TPL fight zealously for every client, exhausting all avenues to secure the most favorable outcome.

Individuals who are facing a DUI charge in San Antonio can reach out to the defense attorneys at TPL. These incredibly dedicated attorneys are here to offer knowledge and seasoned advice. This team of professionals is ready to safeguard the rights of each client with full force.

It’s not only about their legal savvy — your San Antonio DUI lawyer is also a pillar of support during this challenging period. They’ll lead you through the legal labyrinth with clarity and understanding, breaking down complex terms into easy-to-grasp, simple language. A DUI attorney in San Antonio listens empathetically to your story, upholds your dignity, and emboldens you as you face the justice system.


Following an arrest, individuals are taken to the Bexar County Jail, located in downtown San Antonio, for booking and to await their initial appearance before a magistrate judge. The judge will determine the bail amount and any other terms for release. This procedure is often tedious and can cause considerable frustration.

Once released, defendants receive a scheduled court date and details for retrieving their possessions. After jail release, it can take between eight and ten months to resolve the DWI charge in court.

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  • What to expect after a first-time arrest for DWI in Bexar County?

Although the process is lengthy, there are fast-moving deadlines that require professional attention right away. There are only 15 days to file a legal request to contest the automatic driver’s license suspension. The contest is important, and should not be missed.

  • What happens on the first court date in Texas?

The first court date, called the arraignment setting in Texas, is a short, formal court appearance where the judge ensures the defendant knows the charge(s) and is represented by counsel. Missing this court date can result in additional criminal charges. It is important to seek legal counsel ahead of these early dates and deadlines. Facing a DWI charge is a serious matter; instead of seeking distraction through entertainment options like, focus your energy and resources on securing qualified legal counsel to navigate the complexities of your situation.

  • How do you get out of a San Antonio DWI charge?

Getting the charge dropped requires challenging the State’s evidence, applying relevant Texas law, and relentlessly looking for an opportunity to leverage a weakness or error by a law enforcement officer into a defense advantage. Getting help from the best DWI attorney in San Antonio can result in a dismissal or reduction.

  • Do I need a lawyer for DWI in San Antonio?

You need a felony DWI lawyer to protect your rights. When you are facing criminal charges, your freedom, reputation, and future are on the line. Results matter. An experienced DWI defense team is the foundation of a high-powered defense.

The Repercussions of a DWI Charge in San Antonio

The penalties in Texas are severe, and San Antonio is no exception. The Bexar County District Attorney’s Office seeks a conviction in every case and does not dismiss charges for first-time offenders. Everyone facing a DWI offense is facing jail time.

  • What are San Antonio DWI Penalties?

First-time offenders face up to 1 year in jail, a $6,000 fine, court costs, a driver’s license suspension, and a permanent criminal conviction. Aggravating factors increase fine amounts and periods of incarceration. Offenders with multiple convictions face up to 10 years in state prison.

  • Is jail mandatory for a DWI in San Antonio?

No, jail time is not mandatory. But, some factors, like an open container, for example, can lead the District Attorney’s Office to enhance the charge. This can result in mandatory jail time.

  • Is a first DWI a felony in San Antonio?

A first-time charge is a misdemeanor offense, punishable by no more than 1 year in the Jail. However, aggravating factors like serious bodily injury or the presence of a child passenger under 15 years old can result in a felony conviction.

Felony DWI charges in San Antonio Intoxication Assault and Intoxication Manslaughter are the most serious types of DWI cases. Intoxication assault is a felony charge with devastating, life-ruining consequences. Similarly, Intoxication Manslaughter is one of the most serious charges in the Texas Penal Code, with a punishment range of up to life in prison.

The Probability of Incarceration for a First-Time DUI in San Antonio

In San Antonio, those facing their first DUI offense may be subject to a maximum of one year in jail or two years of probation. Incarceration is a possibility for all individuals charged with this offense, regardless of whether they have prior criminal records. The chance of serving time in jail hinges on several elements, including the expertise and approach of the defense team.

  • Can a DUI be dismissed in San Antonio?

Yes, DUI charges can be dismissed by challenging the State’s evidence: field sobriety tests, validation purposes, witness credibility, and other elements of probable cause at every level through a focused and dynamic defense.

  • Will I go to jail for a first-time DUI?

You can be sentenced to jail for up to 12 months for a first-time DUI. First-time charges can be enhanced to felonies which have even higher punishment ranges. Building a powerful defense is the best defense strategy for avoiding jail time when facing a DUI.

Strategies for Contesting a DWI Charge in San Antonio

DWI offenses can be beaten. Defendants must assert certain powerful constitutional rights, use due process to confront all witnesses, and challenge the evidence from the arresting officer. This means disputing reasonable suspicion, probable cause, and all forensic evidence.

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  • Can you get a DWI dismissed in San Antonio?

Challenging evidence is the most effective way to dismiss a San Antonio DWI charge, whether it’s a first offense, DWI 2nd, or even a felony DWI 3rd. DWI arrests are warrantless arrests and therefore open to challenge. If a judge suppresses evidence, the State cannot use it to prosecute.

  • What are the chances of DWI dismissal?

The chances of a dismissal are tied directly to the strength of the defense. Dismissals are won through a powerful and relentless defense. Review and challenge all evidence, assert important constitutional rights, and do everything possible to avoid a final conviction.

  • How do I win a DWI case?

Challenging the State’s evidence is the best way to win a DWI case. Skilled lawyers will always review the blood test or BAC test evidence, and all forensic analyses and breathalyzer tests for error.

  • What can a good DUI lawyer do?

A good San Antonio DUI lawyer can get charges dismissed by identifying weaknesses in the State’s case. Prosecutors rely on police officers to prove their cases. A good DUI lawyer will request training records for all police officers to review field sobriety test certifications. Outdated training can impact validation purposes, which can negate probable cause for arrest. Having no probable cause results in a dismissed DUI charge.

First DWI Penalty: Navigating the Legal Landscape in San Antonio

The first offense is a misdemeanor offense in Texas. Everyone arrested for DWI will face prosecution for a Class A or B misdemeanor, depending on their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A first-time charge becomes a felony if young children were in the vehicle, or if there was an accident and someone was seriously injured.

  • What is the penalty for a first-time DWI?

A first-time DWI penalty is a Class B misdemeanor. The maximum fine is $3,000 and the maximum jail sentence is 6 months. A conviction for this offense is permanent and results in a Texas driver’s license suspension.

  • What is Texas DUI over .15?

Texas law defines Driving While Intoxicated with an alcohol concentration level of 0.15 in Section 49.04 of the Texas Penal Code: Sec. 49.04. DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED. (a) A person commits an offense if the person is intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle in a public place.(d) If it is shown on the trial of an offense under this section that an analysis of a specimen of the person’s blood, breath, or urine showed an alcohol concentration level of 0.15 or more at the time the analysis was performed, the offense is a Class A misdemeanor.

  • What are the chances of first-time dismissal in San Antonio, TX?

DWI can be dismissed in San Antonio. A resourceful defense team will look for inconsistencies in the case and force the District Attorneys to dismiss the charge. Challenging evidence is a critical part of obtaining a dismissal.

What is the Bail Cost for a First DWI Charge in San Antonio?

Judges routinely set bond amounts in the low thousands of dollars for misdemeanor charges. The average time in jail for a first-time offense is 18-24 hours. Magistrate judges can also approve release through a personal recognizance (PR) bond.

  • How much is bail?

Bail is typically a few hundred dollars. The amount paid to a bond company is only a percentage of the overall bond. This is the first of many costs associated with the Texas DWI penalty process. Judges have total discretion over bond amounts.

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  • How to find an inmate in Bexar County Jail?

To find someone who has been arrested, use the Bexar County Jail Central Magistrate Search.

  • What is the Bexar County Jail in San Antonio’s phone contact information?

Bexar County Jail’s phone number is 210-335-6010.

  • What is the San Antonio Police Department’s contact information?

The Police Station phone number is 210-207-7273. More phone numbers for SAPD are available on the SAPD website.


Penalties for the 1st offense include up to 365 days in jail, restrictions on the constitutional rights to bear arms and travel, suspended driving rights, required installation of ignition interlock devices in vehicles, thousands of dollars in fines, classes, drug testing, and the collateral consequences of a permanent criminal conviction.

  • What are the penalties for a misdemeanor?

All first-time Driving While Intoxicated charges are Class B misdemeanors, though certain factors can enhance them. First-time offenders face jail time, permanent criminal convictions, thousands of dollars in fines, and a driver’s license suspension.

  • What are the penalties for a Class A DWI Charge?

The maximum fine is $6,000 and the maximum jail sentence is 12 months. Class A misdemeanor DWI charges can result in incarceration, a permanent criminal conviction, thousands of dollars in fines, the temporary loss of some constitutional rights, and a driver’s license suspension.

  • What are the penalties for a DWI .15+ charge in San Antonio?

A blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .15 or higher is a Class A misdemeanor. The maximum fine is $6,000 and the maximum jail sentence is 12 months. A conviction for this offense is permanent and can result in thousands of dollars in fines, the loss of constitutional rights, and a driver’s license suspension.

  • What are the penalties for Class B DWI in San Antonio?

The penalty for Class B misdemeanor DWI in Texas is unbelievably harsh. The maximum fine is $3,000 and the maximum jail sentence is 6 months. A conviction for DWI is a permanent criminal conviction and can result in the loss of constitutional rights, thousands of dollars in fines, and a driver’s license suspension.

  • What are the penalties for DWI Open Container in San Antonio?

DWI with Open Container is a serious criminal charge in San Antonio. Having an open container in the vehicle triggers a 6-day minimum jail confinement by law. The maximum jail sentence for DWI with Open Container is 12 months. In addition to the loss of driving privileges and some constitutional rights, fines, court costs, and other fees can exceed $10,000. Learn more about the cost of a DWI in Texas.

  • What are the penalties for DWI with a Child Passenger?

A Child Passenger DWI is a State Jail Felony in Texas. The maximum fine is $10,000, and the maximum period of confinement is 24 months in a State jail facility. State jail facilities in Texas require sentences to be served day-for-day. In addition to a driver’s license suspension, a conviction for DWI with Child carries other life-altering collateral consequences associated with being a convicted felon.

Impact of a DWI on Professional Licensure

DWI charges can negatively impact professional licenses. Some licensing boards, like the Texas Board of Nursing, have a mandatory reporting requirement for DWI convictions.

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  • Can a DWI be reduced?

Yes, DWI charges can sometimes be reduced. Challenging and exposing weaknesses in the State’s evidence, while simultaneously highlighting the positive and unique attributes of an individual are important elements of reductions.

  • Can you be a teacher with a DWI in Texas?

Yes, you can be a teacher with a DWI in Texas. However, schools and school districts have strict and unique hiring and firing practices. A DWI conviction can be prohibitive when trying to get a job, and a DWI arrest can result in termination if you already have a job.

  • Does a DWI have to be reported to FINRA?

Misdemeanor DWI charges do not have to be immediately reported to FINRA. Felony arrest and indictment require disclosure.

Is Probation Possible for a First DWI Offense in San Antonio?

Yes. Every person charged with Driving While Intoxicated is eligible to apply for community supervision. Even after losing a trial, a defendant may still receive probation instead of being sentenced to jail.

  • What is DWI Probation?

Probation consists of being monitored by the Bexar County Community Supervision & Corrections Department. While probation terms can differ, Probation typically consists of reporting, drug testing, classes, counseling, alcohol device monitoring, and community supervision.

  • Will I get probation for my first DUI?

Probation is possible in all San Antonio DWI cases. Jail time is also possible. A powerful, comprehensive defense can often be the difference between jail time and probation.

  • What is DWI Deferred Adjudication?

The best probation outcome for DWI charges is DWI Deferred Adjudication. Deferred Adjudication is a legal way to avoid a criminal conviction and obtain a dismissal at the end of a successfully completed probation term.

  • Can you get Deferred Adjudication for DWI in San Antonio?

Yes, deferred adjudication is a possibility in all DWI cases. But, it’s important to note that there are several disqualifying factors, including criminal history and BAC.

Second DWI Offense: Understanding the Consequences in San Antonio

The penalties for a second DWI offense (DWI-Repeat Offender) are severe. In San Antonio, a DWI second offense is a Class A Misdemeanor. The maximum fine is $6,000 and the maximum jail sentence is 12 months. A conviction for this offense is permanent, requires a 3-day sentence in the Bexar County Jail (even if probation is granted), and results in a driver’s license suspension.

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  • Can a DWI Second Offense be dismissed in San Antonio?

DWI 2nd convictions and consequences can be avoided in Bexar County. No matter how extreme the facts of the case, it is important to build a powerful defense to protect your liberty and livelihood. An experienced, high-powered defense yields the best chance of obtaining a dismissal when facing DWI 2nd charges in San Antonio.

  • Can a DWI 2nd charge be reduced in San Antonio?

Yes, but reducing a DWI 2nd to a DWI is a difficult task and can only be done through plea bargaining. A good defense strategy allows the defendant to negotiate from a position of strength.

  • What happens after your second DWI in San Antonio?

A second DWI charge in San Antonio can result in jail time. The maximum jail time for a DWI 2nd is 1 year. In Bexar County, ignition interlock is a standard condition as a release from jail for repeat DWI offenders. The device(s) must be maintained the entire time the DWI 2nd charge is pending.

DWI 2nd charges also result in an automatic driver’s license suspension. An Administrative License Revocation hearing must be requested in a timely way to prevent this suspension. It is difficult to manage these tasks alone. The first and most important step after release from jail is to retain the best DWI defense lawyer for your situation. An experienced legal team with a track record of success can enormously impact your quality of life and the outcome of your case.

Is Incarceration Mandatory for a Second DWI in San Antonio?

Jail time is mandatory if convicted of DWI 2nd in Texas, even if probation is granted. A high-powered, aggressive defense is the best chance at obtaining a dismissal. No matter the facts of the case, a powerful defense increases the probability of a better outcome and avoidance of jail time.

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  • Is a 2nd DWI a Felony in San Antonio?

No, a second offense DWI is a misdemeanor in San Antonio. However, out-of-state drunk driving offenses, even if old, can be used to enhance a Second DWI charge in Texas to a felony.

  • How long can you go to jail for DWI second offense?

If convicted of a 2nd DWI, a person can be sentenced to a maximum of 12 months in the Bexar County Jail. Texas law requires a 3-day jail sentence even if probation is granted.

  • What is the average sentence for 2nd DUI?

The average sentence for 2nd DUI charges can range from months in jail up to 2 years on probation. Judges can also grant probation, while still requiring some jail time.

Probation is possible for everyone charged with DWI 2nd in San Antonio. Community Supervision, commonly referred to as probation, is a far superior alternative to incarceration in a Bexar County Jail.

Third or Subsequent DWI Offenses in San Antonio

After two DWI convictions, a third DWI charge (habitual DWI) is a felony. The maximum fine is $10,000 and the maximum prison sentence is 10 years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) penitentiary. A conviction for this offense is permanent, requires a 10-day jail sentence even if probation is granted, and results in a driver’s license suspension, as well as other serious, collateral consequences that come with being a convicted felon.

San Antonio DWI Lawyers

  • Is a 3rd DWI charge a felony?

Yes. A DWI 3rd or more charge is a felony. Even if a person received deferred adjudication for their first DWI, and was only convicted of a subsequent DWI, the third DWI charge will be classified as a felony.

  • Do convictions over 10 years old count for DWI 3rd?

Yes, all prior convictions, no matter how old, may be used as the basis for enhancement.

  • Do out-of-state convictions count for felony DWI in San Antonio?

Yes, out-of-state convictions are used by the Bexar County District Attorney’s Office as the basis for enhancing DWI charges from a misdemeanor to a felony.

  • What are the penalties for Bexar County DWI 3rd in San Antonio?

The penalties for a DWI 3rd conviction in San Antonio are devastating. In addition to attorney’s fees, court costs, and up to $10,000 in fines, a felony DWI conviction comes with a two-year driver’s license suspension and increased insurance rates. The lost wages from being incarcerated and classified as a convicted felon are staggering. Government benefit eligibility and other constitutional rights are all adversely affected by a felony DWI conviction.

  • Can you go to prison for felony DWI 3rd in San Antonio?

Yes. The maximum prison sentence for a DWI 3rd is 10 years in Texas. A third (or more) DWI is classified as a Third Degree Felony. While first-time DWI offenders can seek some leniency, the penalties for a third offense reflect the severity of Texas law. A conviction for a third DWI can result in a prison sentence of no less than 2 years and no more than 10 years. Even if probation is granted, all defendants convicted of DWI 3rd or more in Texas are required to serve a minimum of ten days in jail as part of any plea agreement. This 10-day jail requirement cannot be waived or probated. Hiring a felony DWI lawyer is your best chance to avoid the serious, devastating consequences of a felony DWI.

  • Can you get probation for DWI 3rd in San Antonio?

Yes, it is possible to get probation for DWI 3rd in San Antonio. Prison time is also possible. The facts of each case and the skill and strength of the defense can be ultimately determinative. In the event probation is granted, the 10-day jail sentence must still be served.

Does a DUI in San Antonio Lead to Immediate License Suspension?

Yes, every person charged with DWI in Texas receives an automatic Administrative License Revocation (ALR) suspension of driving privileges. The suspension goes into effect approximately 40 days from the date of arrest. Contesting the ALR by requesting a hearing is an important part of DWI defense that should never be omitted.

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  • How do I get my license back after a DWI in San Antonio?

If your license card is confiscated, you may request a new license through the Texas Department of Public Safety website. If your license is suspended, you may be eligible for an Occupational Driver License.

  • What is the ALR hearing for San Antonio DWI?

The ALR hearing is an early chance in the DWI process to review and contest the State’s evidence. The State has a low burden of proof in ALR hearings, making it relatively easy for them to win, and for a driver’s license suspension to be ordered. However, the ALR is an important part of an aggressive DWI defense.

  • How long is your license suspended for a DWI in San Antonio?

Privileges to Drive are suspended for 90 – 180 days after an arrest for DWI. Commercially licensed drivers face significantly longer periods of suspension.

  • Do you lose your CDL after a DWI in San Antonio?

Yes, commercial drivers face serious, financially devastating consequences from just being arrested for DWI. CDL suspensions can range from 1 year to a lifetime ban.

  • Can you drive with a suspended license in Bexar County?

No, it is illegal to drive with a suspended license in San Antonio. Driving with a suspended license while a DWI is pending can result in bond revocation, arrest warrant, and additional criminal charges. Drivers with a suspended license can obtain a temporary license through an attorney.

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What Are the Typical Expenses Associated with a DWI in San Antonio?

A DWI in San Antonio costs thousands of dollars at least. Being charged with DWI is expensive. Being convicted can be financially devastating. It’s impossible to put a price on avoiding incarceration and the potential of a permanent criminal conviction.

  • How much does a first-offense DWI in San Antonio cost?

The maximum fine for a first DWI offense is $6,000. Additional costs associated with bond conditions, legal fees, and probation add to the overall total. Avoiding the severe consequences of conviction and incarceration is incalculable.

  • How much does a good San Antonio DUI lawyer cost?

Good lawyers focus on winning while effectively communicating with clients. Legal representation can be somewhat costly, but it is worth the cost.

  • How much does the average DWI cost in San Antonio?

DWI offenses cost thousands of dollars on average. While the fine cannot exceed $10,000 for DWI in San Antonio, additional items associated with bond and probation add to the expense. Legal fees, while costly, can have an enormous return on investment.

DUI Attorney Services in San Antonio

Driving Under the Influence is a Class C misdemeanor in San Antonio. DUI is only to minors under 21 years of age. The Texas Alcohol Beverage Code defines DUI in Section 106.041.

DRIVING OR OPERATING WATERCRAFT UNDER THE INFLUENCE OF ALCOHOL BY MINOR. (a) A minor commits an offense if the minor operates a motor vehicle in a public place, or a watercraft, while having any detectable amount of alcohol in the minor’s system.

  • Can you avoid jail time for DUI

Yes, you can avoid jail for DUI. DUI is a Class C misdemeanor. DUI convictions can and should be avoided at all costs.

  • DUI vs DWI in San Antonio:

DUI and DWI are two different criminal offenses in Texas. DUI is a Class C misdemeanor, applicable only to minors. DWI is a higher and more serious offense, applicable to Texans of all ages.

  • What does DWI mean?

DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. The Texas Penal Code defines DWI in Section 49.04:

DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED. (a) A person commits an offense if the person is intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle in a public place.

  • What does DUI mean?

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. DUI is for minors only in Texas.

Duration of a DWI on Your Permanent Record

DWI charges are permanent. Even if ultimately dismissed, stay on the record forever. A San Antonio DWI charge that was dismissed in court without probation, is likely eligible to be deleted through the legal process of expunction.

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  • Can a DWI be expunged from the record?

Dismissed DWI charges may be deleted through the legal process of expunction. Charges not eligible for expunction may still qualify for an order of nondisclosure, which has the effect of sealing the record

  • How long does a DWI stay on your driving record?

DWI penalties stay on a person’s DPS driving history forever. In qualifying situations, the charge can be removed from the public record.

Blood Alcohol Concentration for DWI in San Antonio

The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit is 0.08. Blood alcohol levels that exceed this amount are over the legal alcohol limit for driving a motor vehicle in Texas.

  • What BAC level is considered DUI in Texas?

0.1 is the legal limit for DUI in Texas. DUI only applies to minors in Texas. The legal alcohol limit for adults in Texas is 0.08. BAC test is not required for DWI in Texas.

Legal Representation for DWI in San Antonio

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Trey Porter is recognized as the best DWI/DUI lawyer in San Antonio. A Texas SuperLawyer, Mr. Porter has been distinguished as a dynamic advocate in Criminal Defense by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Voted by his peers as one of the best lawyers in the field of Criminal and DWI Defense every year since 2015, Mr. Porter holds a Superb rating from AVVO, where attorneys are rated based on skillful litigation, client satisfaction, peer endorsements, and positive results.

Top-Rated DWI Attorney in San Antonio | Bexar County, TX

Trey Porter Law is the highest-rated DWI law firm in San Antonio, representing San Antonians facing Public Intoxication & DUI charges in Bexar County, as well as the surrounding areas of Boerne, Fredericksburg, New Braunfels, and more.

With over 40 years of combined experience, Trey Porter Law has a track record of success standing up for the citizens accused in San Antonio. From students to teachers, veterans to first responders, and professionals across varied industries and disciplines, TPL brings a results-oriented and client-focused approach to solving complex problems.

Courthouse Facilities in Bexar County, San Antonio, Texas

All misdemeanor DWI cases are assigned to a Bexar County Court at Law. There are 15 total Bexar County Courts in San Antonio.

  • What time does Bexar County Court Start?

Court starts at different times depending on the presiding judge’s policies and docket. Calling the court directly or showing up at 8 am is the safest course of action.

  • How do I find out my court date in San Antonio?

Court dates for civil matters like divorce and probate can be found on the Bexar County Odyssey Portal. Criminal court dates and information can be found on the Bexar County & District Clerk’s website.

  • Where do I go for court in San Antonio?

The Bexar County Courthouse is where people go for most all civil matters in San Antonio. The Cadena Reeves Justice Center is the place to go for most all criminal matters in San Antonio, including jury service.

DWI Support and Information in San Antonio, Texas

Access to information is important when dealing with DWI charges in San Antonio, Texas. The following entities play an important role in the San Antonio criminal justice system. For more information pertaining to Bexar County court records, which include most all San Antonio court records, visit the Bexar County Clerk & District Clerk’s website.

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If you’re looking for resources related to DWI (Driving While Intoxicated) in San Antonio, Texas, here are some general suggestions. Keep in mind that the information provided here may have changed, so it’s advisable to verify details with up-to-date sources:

  • Bexar County District Attorney’s Office:
    • The Bexar County DA’s office may provide information on DWI laws and procedures in the San Antonio area.

  • Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS):
    • The DPS is responsible for issuing and regulating driver’s licenses in Texas. They may have information on DWI penalties and license suspensions.

  • San Antonio Police Department:
  • Texas Laws Online:
    • The official Texas statutes online can provide information on DWI laws and penalties.

  • Court System:
    • Check the Bexar County court system’s website for information on DWI court procedures and local rules.

Remember that laws and resources can change, so it’s crucial to verify information by consulting with a legal professional for the most accurate and up-to-date advice. The dynamic team of defense attorneys at TPL can help.

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