San Marcos Traffic Ticket Lawyers

Traffic tickets are expensive and inconvenient. If neglected, even a simple speeding ticket can turn into an arrest warrant. If you have received a traffic ticket in San Marcos, don’t forget about it and hope for the best. Contact TPL today to begin working towards a dismissal. Start now. 

San Marcos Speeding ticket dismissed

Don’t waste time going to traffic court. Don’t plead guilty. TPL has years of experience working with prosecutors and judges to obtain dismissals. The process is simple: save time, save money, and obtain a dismissal. 

  • How much is a speeding ticket in San Marcos?Hundreds of dollars. The exact amount depends on the actual speed and where the violation occurred. Hays County and the City of San Marcos have different fine schedules.

  • How do I keep San Marcos speeding tickets off my record?Don’t plead guilty. Avoiding a guilty plea is the first step in keeping your record clean. Even a simple traffic citation can have a negative impact on your record. 

Don’t plead guilty to Hays county traffic ticket

Many courts encourage people to pay citations over the phone or online. While this may be easy and convenient, it can have expensive consequences. Paying a citation online is the equivalent of pleading guilty and receiving a conviction. Don’t do it. 

Tickets have insurance consequences

One of the main reasons to fight a traffic ticket is to avoid increased insurance costs. Spending a few extra dollars on the front could potentially save hundreds, or thousands of dollars in the long run. 

  • Will one speeding ticket raise my insurance?Yes. It’s possible a single citation could increase insurance rates. Learn more.
  • How much does a ticket make your insurance go up? According to, one ticket can increase rates substantially. Review their informative table here.
  • How long does a ticket stay on your record in Texas?Tickets are never automatically expunged from the record. Therefore, a record theoretically exists forever, however, for insurance purposes, it’s approximately three years. Learn more.

Suspended Texas Driver License

Outstanding tickets prevent the renewal of a Texas Driver License. Outstanding citations inaldivate driving privileges, and result in an arrest warrant for Failure to Appear. Driving While License Invalid is a serious criminal charge, enhanceable to Class B Misdemeanor status, and punishable by time in county jail.

  • What is an occupational driver license in San Marcos?An Occupational Driver License allows individuals with suspended driving privileges to drive legally during the period of suspension. Learn more.
  • Is it worth hiring a lawyer for an San Marcos speeding ticket?It’s always important to have trusted legal counsel for any criminal matter. Tickets can have expensive insurance consequences, and result in points against your Texas Driver License. Learn more.


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