Driving While Intoxicated is a serious charge. DWI charges impact driving privileges, Second Amendment rights, employment, college admissions, and travel. Every person facing a DWI charge is facing jail time.

Trey Porter Law has a track record of success defending DWI cases in Corpus Christi, Texas. TPL navigates the complexities of the legal system, working through each case to obtain the best possible outcome.

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A DWI case in South Texas comes with substantial consequences. A conviction could jeopardize not only driving rights but also Second Amendment privileges, employment prospects, educational opportunities, and international travel. Individuals charged with a DWI may potentially face incarceration.

Trey Porter stands as a formidable legal advocate, earning national recognition in Criminal Defense. Consistently acclaimed by peers as a leading lawyer in Criminal and DWI Defense since 2015, Porter is hailed as a Texas SuperLawyer and honored as a Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Defense Lawyer by the National Trial Lawyers Association. With a Superb rating from AVVO, his legal prowess is affirmed by his litigation skills, client satisfaction, peer validations, and positive results.

Is legal representation necessary for a DWI arrest?

Absolutely. Competent counsel is essential for anyone facing criminal prosecution. A seasoned DWI lawyer strives to safeguard rights, and top-tier legal representation often yields the most favorable case outcomes.

Is it possible for a DWI to be dismissed in Corpus Christi?

Yes, by contesting the evidence presented by the State. DWI arrests typically occur without warrants, demanding that police officers justify reasonable suspicion and probable cause in each case. An incisive defense leverages any errors or weaknesses to the advantage, potentially leading to a dismissal or a reduction of charges.


Post-arrest, individuals are taken to the Nueces County Jail at 901 Leopard St, Corpus Christi, TX 78401, where they await processing and a magistrate judge’s hearing. This judge determines bond amounts and other release conditions. The judicial process can be lengthy and arduous, often extending 8-10 months post-release before resolution.

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  • What to anticipate after an arrest?Justice may move at a slow pace, but certain deadlines come up quickly, demanding prompt professional attention following an arrest. A mere 15-day window exists to contest an automatic driver’s license suspension—a crucial step not to be overlooked.
  • What transpires during the initial court appearance in Texas?Known as an arraignment, this initial hearing is a procedural step where the judge confirms that the defendant is aware of the charges and has legal representation. Failure to attend can result in additional criminal charges. So, it’s important to secure a DWI attorney as soon as possible to provide guidance and advice.
  • How do you get out of a DWI charge in Corpus Christi?Beating a DWI charge requires a challenge to the State’s evidence, applying pertinent Texas law, and searching for an opportunity to exploit any State oversight or error to a defensive advantage.

Does a DUI Result in an Immediate Driver’s License Suspension in Corpus Christi?

Anyone apprehended for Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) in Texas faces an instant Administrative License Revocation (ALR), which suspends driving rights. This driver’s license suspension typically starts about 40 days after the arrest.

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  • Contesting a License Suspension: The ALR Hearing

    The ALR hearing is crucial for challenging this suspension and is an integral component of the DWI defense strategy. Skipping this opportunity can have significant repercussions.

  • Restoring a License Post-DWI in Corpus ChristiWhen a license gets confiscated, it is possible to apply for a replacement via the Texas DPS website. If suspension occurs, an Occupational Driver License may be applicable if all criteria are met.
  • Understanding the ALR Hearing in Corpus ChristiEvery individual charged with DWI is subject to an ALR, rendering it illegal to drive post-suspension, which is enforceable around 40 days following the arrest. The ALR hearing is a good chance to dispute this suspension.
  • Duration of License Suspension for Corpus Christi DWISuspension spans from 90 to 180 days post-arrest. Commercial license (CDL) holders may face longer suspension durations.

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Jail Time Likelihood for a First Corpus Christi DWI

Jail is a potential penalty for first-time DWI offenders, with sentences varying based on blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A first DWI could lead to a maximum of 12 months in jail, subject to enhancement by aggravating factors.

Jail can typically be avoided for a first DUI offense since it’s not a legal punishment option for Class C misdemeanors. But, in the event of jail time, release can take over 24 hours. It’s a complex process.

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Penalties for First-Time DWI

A first-time DWI is deemed a Class B misdemeanor, with penalties reaching up to $3,000 in fines and a 6-month jail term. This offense is permanent, leading to driver’s license suspension, and aggravated DWI can incur more severe penalties.

DWI Punishments in Corpus Christi

DWI punishments may include probation or jail, with no minimum probation period. Misdemeanor DWI charges can lead to a year’s jail time, while felony DWI charges may result in up to a decade of jail time. Quality legal representation is key in influencing the outcome.

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Is the First DWI a Felony in Corpus Christi?

In Comal County, a first-time DWI is a Class B misdemeanor. However, aggravating circumstances, such as causing serious injury or having a child under 15 in the vehicle, can escalate charges to a felony.

DWI Penalties in Corpus Christi

DWI penalties are severe, including up to a year of jail time for first offenders, license suspension, restricted rights, and significant fines. The repercussions of a permanent criminal record are profound, affecting professional and personal aspects of life.

Penalties for Misdemeanor DWI

First-time charges can lead to a year in jail, fines up to $6,000, and extensive additional consequences, including the loss of constitutional rights and a permanent criminal record.

Penalties for Class B DWI in Corpus Christi

A DWI with a BAC under 0.14 is a Class B misdemeanor. This classification remains unchanged even if drugs are present in your system. Penalties include up to $3,000 in fines and a 6-month jail sentence, leading to license suspension.

A BAC of .15 or Higher in Corpus Christi

A BAC of 0.15 or above constitutes a Class A misdemeanor in Texas, carrying fines up to $6,000 and a possible 12-month jail sentence.

DWI with Open Container

This offense is a misdemeanor with penalties based on BAC levels, but it also mandates a minimum 6-day jail term due to the Open Container enhancement.

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Second DWI Consequences in Corpus Christi

A second DWI mandates an ignition interlock device installation in all vehicles the offender drives, and jail time is a sentencing requirement—even with probation.

Costs and Jail Time for a Second DWI in Corpus Christi

The maximum fine for a second DWI is $6,000, with additional court and probation costs. Jail time, up to 1 year, is a serious possibility.


In Texas, DUI is classified as a Class C Misdemeanor exclusively applicable to individuals under 21. Minors are forbidden from driving a motor vehicle with any discernible alcohol in their system, establishing the legal threshold for a DUI charge at 0.0.

On the other hand, DWI is categorized as a Class B Misdemeanor in Texas, unless there are enhancements. For adults, it is permissible to operate a motor vehicle with alcohol in their system, as long as their Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is below 0.08 at the time of operation. The penalties for both DUI and DWI are stringent and carry enduring repercussions.

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Understanding the Financial Impact of a DWI in Corpus Christi

Being charged with a DWI is expensive. DWI convictions can be financially devastating.

  • How much does a DWI in Corpus first offense cost?The maximum fine for a first DWI offense in Texas is $6,000.00. The total damage a permanent criminal conviction has on job opportunities and lost income is incalculable.
  • How much is a DWI lawyer in Corpus Christi?Fighting a DWI can cost thousands of dollars. In Corpus, even first-time offenders can face up to 365 days in jail. A good DWI lawyer is attentive, communicative, detailed, and focused on strategy to get the best results for their clients.
  • How much does a DWI Cost in Texas?

    The maximum fine for a first or second DWI offense in Texas is $6,000.00. The maximum fine for a felony DWI is $10,000.00. An effective DWI lawyer can fight for dismissal and work to mitigate consequences, saving time and money, and potentially preserving your career and reputation.

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Strategies for Contesting a DWI Charge in Corpus Christi

DWI charges in Nueces County can be beaten. Leveraging powerful constitutional rights – like the Sixth Amendment’s Confrontation Clause – can have a devastating effect on the State’s case. The Nueces County District Attorney cannot legally obtain a conviction in a case where necessary evidence has been suppressed by a judge.

  • How to get a DWI dismissed in Corpus Christi?Challenging the State’s evidence is the most effective way to dismiss a DWI charge, whether it’s a DWI first offense, DWI 2nd, or even a felony DWI 3rd or more. If a judge suppresses evidence, the State cannot use it to prosecute.

What are the chances of a DWI dismissal?

DWI charges are dismissed every day in courtrooms. Charges are not dismissed through goodwill or luck, rather they are dismissed because a powerful defense forced the State prosecutors to dismiss the charge. Challenging evidence is a critical part of obtaining a dismissal.

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Length of Time a DWI Reflects on a Record

A DWI accusation originating from any location in Texas remains permanently on one’s record. If the charge was dismissed without probation, it is eligible for removal and deletion through expunction. If the charge resulted in a conviction, it may be eligible to be sealed through an order of nondisclosure.

  • Can a DWI be expunged from the record?Dismissed charges may be deleted through the legal process of expunction. Charges not eligible for expunction may still qualify for an order of nondisclosure, which has the effect of sealing the record.
  • How long does a DWI stay on a driving record?DWI convictions stay on a person’s Texas driving history forever. In eligible circumstances, the charge may be cleared from public records by means of expungement.

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At What Blood Alcohol Concentration is a DWI Issued in Corpus Christi?

The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in Texas is 0.08. Blood alcohol levels that exceed this amount are over the legal alcohol limit for driving a motor vehicle in Texas.

Building on the critical role of breath tests in determining alcohol intoxication, it’s important to recognize their influence on DWI cases. Often, a breath test serves as a key piece of evidence indicating alcohol intoxication, which can heavily sway the outcome of a sobriety test. 

In the event that a sobriety test is needed, the expertise of Trey Porter, a seasoned DWI defense lawyer, becomes invaluable. His practice area encompasses a deep understanding of the nuances involved in breath test administration and the legal thresholds for alcohol intoxication. 

If there’s a possibility that the breath test was improperly administered or the results were flawed, Trey Porter can examine the sobriety test procedure and work tirelessly to challenge and potentially suppress such evidence. By strategically defending the case, he aims to safeguard rights and pursue the best possible outcome in the face of a conviction.

What BAC level is considered DUI in Texas?

0.1 is the legal limit for DUI in Texas. DUI only applies to minors in Texas. The legal alcohol limit for adults in Texas is 0.08. BAC is not required for DWI in Texas. Police regularly arrest motorists based on field sobriety tests and other factors without offering a breathalyzer test or blood test.

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Trey Porter Law office represents people facing Intoxication & DWI charges in Corpus Christi as well as the surrounding areas. Standing up for the citizens accused, from students to teachers, veterans to first responders, and professionals across varied industries and disciplines, TPL brings a results-oriented & client-focused approach to solving complex problems.

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DWI Resources for Corpus Christi

Public Defender’s Office:

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS):

Texas DWI Education Program:

  • Offenders are required to attend a DWI Education Program. Find a list of state-approved programs on the Texas Department of State Health Services website.
  • Website: Court Ordered Education Programs

Nueces County Courthouse:

  • Visit the Nueces County Courthouse or the specific court handling your case for information on court procedures, dates, and requirements.
  • Website: Nueces County Courthouse

Nueces County Clerk:

  • The Nueces County Clerk’s office in Corpus Christi, Texas, is responsible for maintaining various records, including those related to legal matters and court proceedings. Here is some information on the Nueces County Clerk’s office:
  • Website: Nueces County Clerk

You can also check with local legal aid organizations or nonprofit legal services in Corpus Christi. They provide guidance or connect you with resources. Remember that the details of your case and the available resources vary, so it’s crucial to consult with a legal professional for personalized advice.

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