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From the crowded hallways of big city justice centers to the rural courthouses of the Hill Country and way out West Texas, the trial lawyers at Trey Porter Law have successfully defended citizens against every type of criminal charge. TPL’s experience is the foundation for its hard-earned reputation of getting big wins in the toughest cases.

Committed to uncompromising results.

Texas DWI and Public Intoxication charges often come with difficult facts. TPL leverages strategy, relationships & reputation, and high-powered legal advocacy to get the best result in every case, every time.

TPL always fights to win.

This mindset and strategy sets TPL apart from other law firms. Tenacious, zealous advocacy that comes out swinging against the Government allows TPL to work from a position of strength & obtain the best possible result in court.

TPL prioritizes quality of life for clients.

Understanding that clients have personal and professional responsibilities that must always come first, the team at TPL works to minimize client involvement in court and mitigate clients’ time away from work, family, and the demands of everyday life.
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Years of combined criminal defense experience

You can’t win if you don’t fight.

Texas prosecutors seek convictions. DWI, Public Intoxication, and other Texas misdemeanors come with devastating permanent penalties – even for first time offenders. TPL has a track record of success providing powerful, experienced legal representation against criminal charges across Texas.

Expunctions delete and destroy criminal records in Texas.

Criminal charges, even if dismissed, stay on the record forever. Don’t let a one-time mistake hold you back from future success. TPL diligently reviews, files, and successfully litigates expungement matters across all 254 Texas counties.
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Expungement Success Rate
“The team at Trey Porter Law got my DWI dismissed. Thanks to them, I was able to clear my name and move forward with confidence. TPL’s expertise and dedication made the process seamless, and I’m forever grateful. I highly recommend Trey Porter Law to anyone facing a DWI charge in Texas.”
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Sean Marsh
Satisfied Client

Powerful Defense. Proven Results.

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Beat Your DWI

Experienced Texas DWI Lawyers with a reputation for winning.

Clear Your Record

Texas Expungement Lawyers that delete your record with expertise & efficiency.

Public Intoxication Dismissal

Powerful Texas Public Intoxication Lawyers with a proven record of dismissals. 

Fighting For Dismissals Across Texas

TPL proudly stands up for the citizen-accused in every County, Justice, Municipal, and District Court in the Lone Star State.
"I cried when I learned my case was dismissed. As a registered nurse, I thought I was going to lose everything because of one terrible mistake. Trey Porter Law came highly recommended and they did not disappoint. They are trustworthy, professional, and I highly recommend TPL to anyone in need of legal representation."
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Hannah Sadler
Satisfied Client

Frequently Asked Questions

Trey Porter Law offers flexible payment options for clients. TPL limits the number of clients and cases the firm takes on at any given time. With certain matters, like DWI, for example, TPL can be hired by making a simple retainer payment. The amount varies by case. Read More

Trey Porter Law handles certain misdemeanor charges across Texas, with a focus on DWI and intoxication offenses. TPL also works to clean up criminal records through the process of expungement and nondisclosure in courts across Texas. Read More

Yes, it is important to retain an experienced criminal lawyer for Expungement in Texas. While every person has a legal right to represent themselves, the technical nuances of the Texas expunction process are best left to a trained expert. Read More

The best way to get a DWI dismissed in Texas is to hire an experienced Texas DWI Lawyer. DWI consequences include up to 1 year in jail for first-time offenders. Challenging the evidence by fighting and asserting constitutional rights can result in a dismissal even in bad situations. Read More

DUI is only for minors. DWI means driving while intoxicated, and DUI means driving under the influence. Under Texas law, DUI and DWI have different elements, defenses, and punishment ranges. It’s critical to hire an attorney to fight a DUI or DWI charge in Texas. Read More

Nothing serious happens on the first court date in Texas. The first appearance in a criminal case has been historically referred to as an Arraignment. The single most important thing about a first court date in Texas is attendance. Missing court can have serious consequences – even for tickets. Read More

The Texas Department of Public Safety controls driver license eligibility in Texas. Sometimes the reason for suspension is an old ticket or even a years-old error by a court. The team at TPL can determine license status and build a game plan to get you back on the road legally. Read More

Misdemeanor charges in Texas are very bad. The record of a misdemeanor conviction is permanent, and can never be expunged. Class A and B misdemeanors have a penalty range maximum of between 6 and 12 months in jail. Read More

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