Public Intoxication in Grapevine


Public Intoxication is a criminal charge punishable by a maximum $500 fine in Grapevine. This offense is classified as a class C misdemeanor but can result in an arrest, a substantial fine, community service and alcohol awareness requirements, and a consequential, far-reaching conviction in certain circumstances. A Grapevine Public Intoxication case merits experienced legal representation for optimal results. Learn more.

  • Can you go to jail for Public Intoxication in Grapevine Texas? Yes, a Public Intoxication offense usually results in arrest. This is because a person intoxicated to this degree is presumed a danger to themselves or others and requires detention for their safety. Also, a Defendant who neglects a Public Intoxication citation is subject to an arrest warrant and additional criminal charges in Grapevine. Learn more.
  • Is it illegal to be drunk in Grapevine Texas? It is illegal for a person to be so drunk in public that they endanger themselves or another in Grapevine. This is known as Public Intoxication, a serious criminal charge that can permanently mar a person’s educational, professional, and immigration prospects in certain instances. Learn more.


Public Intoxication is when a person appears in public intoxicated to the degree they endanger themselves or another. Texas Penal Code section 49.02 lays out the legal authority for this charge, a class C misdemeanor with a maximum $500 fine. This law’s language admittedly leaves great room for a police officer’s interpretation; the best approach is to interact and speak with law enforcement as little as possible so as to limit prosecution evidence and preserve important legal defenses. Learn more.

  • How much does a Public Intoxication ticket cost in Grapevine Texas? A Public Intoxication citation in Grapevine carries a maximum $500 fine. However, the judge has ultimate discretion in determining the actual fine, and any other requirements such as Deferred Disposition, alcohol awareness, and community service. Learn more.
  • How long does Public Intoxication stay on your record in Grapevine Texas? A Public Intoxication charge stays permanently on criminal records in Grapevine, even when the case is dismissed. However, some offenses may be removed with an Expunction, a powerful legal process that destroys all records of qualifying criminal cases. Learn more.


Yes, consumption of alcohol is permitted at Grapevine Lake except for on public roads, parking lots, or boat ramps at the lake reservoir area. Learn more.

  • Can you sit in your car drunk Grapevine Texas? It is not illegal for a drunk person to sit in their car in Grapevine but a person who is heavily intoxicated risks arrest and prosecution for Public Intoxication. There is also a possibility of Driving While Intoxicated charges if there is any indication the individual is operating or recently operated the car. Learn more.
  • Which of these are signs of Public Intoxication in Grapevine? The ultimate query for a Public Intoxication charge in Grapevine is whether the person presents a risk to themselves or another. However, law enforcement are trained to look for specific signs of intoxication such as slurred speech, glassy, bloodshot eyes, the odor of intoxicants, and balance and coordination problems.


A person is deemed intoxicated while operating a vehicle if they present a BAC of 0.08 percent or if they lose the normal use of their mental or physical faculties. For purposes of Public Intoxication, a person is intoxicated if they appear in public intoxicated to the extent they pose a danger to themselves or others. A minor who presents any detectable amount of alcohol in their system is subject to Minor in Consumption or DUI charges. Learn more.

  • What is class C misdemeanor in Grapevine Texas? Class C misdemeanor is a classification of criminal offenses that are punishable by a maximum $500 fine only in Grapevine. These offenses are common but can still result in an arrest and a permanent criminal conviction. Certain class C offenses can result in disciplinary issues for Texas professionals including nurses financial brokers, and military members. Learn more.
  • Will a Public Intoxication affect employment in Grapevine Texas? Yes, a Public Intoxication charge is a serious criminal offense that can adversely affect employment prospects for all Texans. Repeat offenses can even create the aura of a severe substance abuse issue that can lead to discipline and dismissal for some occupations, including for Grapevine teachers. Learn more.


Drunk driving is prosecuted as Driving While Intoxicated in Grapevine. DWI is a serious criminal offense carrying jail time, costly fines, driver’s license suspensions, insurance premium increases, and a devastating permanent conviction in some cases. Additionally, certain DWI offense are punishable as felonies in Grapevine. Learn more.

  • Can a person be intoxicated even if their BAC is 0.08 or lower in Grapevine? Yes, a person with a low BAC is intoxicated if they lose their normal mental or physical faculties while operating a motor vehicle due to alcohol or other intoxicants, including legal drugs. This standard exists partially to account for those individuals who may be easily intoxicated yet present low alcohol concentrations, like novice drinkers. Additionally, a person is intoxicated if they appear in public while intoxicated to the extent they endanger themselves or another, regardless of BAC. Learn more.
  • What happens if you drink on probation Grapevine Texas? Drinking alcohol is a probation violation that can result in arrest and a Motion to Revoke Probation. A Motion to Revoke Probation is a criminal proceeding where a judge can sentence an individual to extensive jail time. Most conditions of probation in Grapevine require frequent and random drug and alcohol testing. Learn more.


It is not illegal to sleep in a car in Grapevine. However, intoxicated individuals who sleep in their car can be arrested and prosecuted for Public Intoxication. There is also a possibility of DWI charges if there is any indication a person recently operated the vehicle. Learn more.

  • Can you get a DUI in a parked car in Grapevine Texas? Yes, a person can get a DUI in a parked car in Grapevine if there is any evidence they are operating or recently operated the vehicle. Grapevine DUI suspects are advised to speak and interact with police as little as possible so as to limit prosecution evidence and preserve legal strategies to help beat the case. Learn more.
  • How many drinks is .08 for a man in Grapevine? The average male reaches a BAC of 0.08 percent with approximately 4 beers in an hour. An average female reaches a 0.08 BAC after 3 drinks in one hour. Learn more.


Yes, a person may freely consume alcohol in their home in Grapevine. 

  • Can my son drink with me in Grapevine Texas? Yes, a minor may legally drink alcohol if accompanied by a parent, legal guardian, or adult spouse (over 21) in Grapevine. However, an underage motorist who has any detectable amount of alcohol in their system is subject to criminal prosecution. Learn more.
  • What are 4 signs of intoxication in Grapevine? Grapevine police are trained in detecting signs of intoxication, including the following: (1) the odor of alcohol, (2) glassy, bloodshot eyes, (3) slurred speech, and (4) difficulty completing divided attention tasks. Learn more.


Public Intoxication cases are reduced, dismissed, and resolved without conviction everyday in Grapevine courts. These offenses carry significant penalties, which requires experienced and skilled legal representation to secure a positive result.

  • How to fight a Public Intoxication charge in Grapevine? Public Intoxication cases are nuanced as they depend largely on the arresting officer’s subjective interpretation. An effective Public Intoxication defense in Grapevine requires experienced legal counsel that can analyze evidence and reveal weaknesses in the prosecution case. The best strategy for a Grapevine Public Intoxication suspect is to speak and interact with law enforcement as little as possible. Learn more.
  • Public Intoxication Texas jail time? Public Intoxication is a class C misdemeanor that does not contemplate jail time as a punishment. However, police are still allowed to, and usually do, conduct Public Intoxication arrests as a matter of public safety as these suspects are presumed to pose a danger to self or others. A person can be detained for Public Intoxication for several hours to allow them to recover their sobriety.


Grapevine prosecutors consider Public Intoxication a serious criminal charge and do not casually dismiss these cases out of good will. Dismissals require a comprehensive legal strategy. An experienced Public Intoxication lawyer can reveal evidentiary weaknesses and exploit holes in the prosecution case to beat a Grapevine Public Intoxication case. Learn more.

  • Restaurants, bars, and liquor stores are not considered public places? Private commercial venues like restaurants, bars, and liquor stores are legally considered public places for purposes of the Public Intoxication law. A person who is present in these types of establishments are subject to criminal prosecution if they are intoxicated to the degree they endanger themselves or others.
  • Under Texas law, it is legal for a person to be intoxicated in a public place? Under Texas law it is illegal for a person to be present in public while intoxicated to the extent they endanger themselves or another. This conduct is punishable as the class C misdemeanor Public Intoxication, which carries a maximum $500 fine and a potentially devastating criminal conviction. Learn more.


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