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Driving While Intoxicated is a serious offense in the state of Texas. Individuals accused of DWI, whether it’s their first offense or not, face the possibility of incarceration. For individuals charged with a DWI in Round Rock, it’s crucial to understand the severity of the situation. A DWI conviction can have major consequences, affecting driving privileges, employment prospects, and even college admissions. Criminal charges may also cause the loss of constitutional rights such as the right to bear arms and travel. 

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A powerful defense can yield improbable results. Round Rock DWI attorney Trey Porter is a top defense trial lawyer known for his experience and commitment to excellence in DWI defense.

  • Can a DWI be dismissed in Round Rock?

Yes, DWI charges can be dismissed. It’s important to note that DWI arrests are conducted without a warrant. In these cases, law enforcement officers must consistently establish both reasonable suspicion and probable cause, without exception, for each instance.

  • What to do if you get a DWI 1st in Round Rock?

Seeking legal counsel is the single most important thing to do after a DWI arrest. For Round Rock DWI penalties, it’s important to hire someone with specific knowledge of Texas DWI laws, and practical real-world experience fighting these Round Rock DWI charges at the Williamson County Courthouse.


After being arrested for DWI, a person will be taken to the Williamson County Jail for processing and an eventual appearance before a magistrate judge. The magistrate judge sets a bond amount and other conditions of release.

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This process is slow, impractical, and frustrating. After release, defendants are given a court date and information about property return. In Round Rock, it often takes 8-10 months from jail release before a DWI case is resolved.

  • What should I expect after a first-time DWI arrest?

Resolving a first-time DWI in Round Rock involves a thorough process with approaching deadlines that require a DWI attorney in Round Rock shortly following your arrest. Specifically, you must take action within a mere 15 days to contest the automatic suspension of your driver’s license, a crucial step that must not be overlooked.

  • What occurs on the initial court date in Round Rock, Texas?

The first court appearance, known as the arraignment in Texas, is a brief, formal session during which the judge ensures that the defendant comprehends the charge(s) and is represented by legal counsel. Failing to attend this court date can lead to additional criminal charges. It is best to seek legal representation ahead of these early dates and deadlines.

  • How can I avoid a DWI conviction in Round Rock?

Avoiding a DWI penalty requires challenging the State’s evidence, applying relevant Texas law, and diligently searching for opportunities to exploit State weaknesses or errors to the defense advantage. Engaging the services of the finest Round Rock DWI lawyer can make all the difference when it comes to achieving a dismissal or reduction.

  • Do I need a DWI attorney in Round Rock?

Yes, you should seek help from a Round Rock DWI defense lawyer to safeguard your rights. Outcomes hold great significance. A solid defense is necessary to achieve the most favorable outcome for a DWI charge in Texas.

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The penalties for DWI in Texas are severe, and Round Rock is no different. The Williamson County Attorney seeks a conviction in every case and does not simply dismiss charges for first-time offenders. 

  • What are the DWI penalties in Round Rock, Texas?

The consequences of a DWI charge in Round Rock are severe. First-time DWI offenders face up to 1 year in the Williamson County jail, a $6,000.00 fine, court costs, license suspension, and permanent criminal conviction. Aggravating factors increase fine amounts and periods of incarceration. DWI offenders with multiple convictions can face up to 10 years in prison.

  • Is incarceration required for a DWI in Round Rock?

No, imprisonment is not obligatory for a DWI. But specific factors, like the presence of an open container, could cause the charge to be escalated, potentially resulting in mandatory jail time.

  • Is a first DWI considered a felony in Round Rock?

No, a first-time DWI charge is categorized as a misdemeanor offense, carrying a maximum penalty of 1 year in jail. However, the presence of aggravating factors, such as serious bodily injury or a child passenger under 15 years old, may lead to felony charges.

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A first-time DWI in Round Rock can lead to a maximum of 1 year in jail or 2 years of probation. It’s important to note that individuals charged with DWI, including first-time offenders with no prior criminal history, face the possibility of incarceration. The likelihood of jail time depends on various factors, including the strength and expertise of the defense.

  • Is it possible to have a DWI charge dismissed in Texas?

A DWI can be dismissed in Round Rock by vigorously challenging the State’s evidence at every stage of the legal process through a focused and dynamic defense.

  • Will I go to jail for a first-time DUI Round Rock?

Is jail time a possibility for a first-time DUI in Round Rock? Yes, individuals facing first-time DWI charges in Round Rock can potentially be sentenced to jail for a maximum of 12 months. Furthermore, first-time charges can be enhanced to felonies, which carry even harsher penalties. Building a robust DWI defense strategy is essential for increasing the chances of avoiding jail time when confronting DWI charges in Round Rock.

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DWI charges in Round Rock can be fought. It’s crucial to assert your constitutional rights, use due process to cross-examine all witnesses, and dispute all presented evidence. This involves challenging the basis for reasonable suspicion, probable cause, and analyzing all forensic evidence. It’s essential to fight for your rights to increase your chances of a favorable outcome.

  • How can I get a DWI dismissed in Round Rock?

Challenging evidence is the most effective way to dismiss a Round Rock DWI charge, whether it’s a DWI first-offense, DWI 2nd, or even a felony DWI 3rd. DWI arrests are warrantless arrests, therefore everything must be challenged. If a judge suppresses evidence, the State cannot use it to prosecute.

  • What is the likelihood of getting a DWI dismissed?

DWI charges can be dismissed in Williamson County. Charges are not dismissed through goodwill or luck, rather they are dismissed because a powerful defense forced the State prosecutors to dismiss the charge. It is critical to fight back, assert your constitutional rights, and do everything possible to avoid a final conviction.

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DWI first is a misdemeanor offense in Texas. Individuals arrested for DWI in Round Rock will face prosecution for a Class A or B misdemeanor, depending on their blood alcohol concentration (BAC). A first-time DWI charge becomes a felony if young children were in the vehicle, or if there was a car accident and someone was seriously injured.

  • What is the penalty for a first-time DWI in Round Rock?

A first-time DWI charge in Round Rock is classified as a Class B misdemeanor. The maximum fine is $3,000.00, and the maximum jail sentence is 6 months. A conviction for this offense is permanent and results in a Texas suspended license.

  • What is Texas DUI over .15?

Texas law defines Driving While Intoxicated with an alcohol concentration level of 0.15 in Section 49.04 of the Texas Penal Code: Sec. 49.04. DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED. (a) A person commits an offense if the person is intoxicated while operating a vehicle in a public place. (d) If it is shown on the trial of an offense under this section that an analysis of a specimen of the person’s blood, breath, or urine showed an alcohol concentration level of 0.15 or more at the time the analysis was performed, the offense is a Class A misdemeanor.


The average time in the Williamson County jail for a first-time DWI charge is 18-24 hours. Magistrate judges set bail bonds for release or approve a personal recognizance (PR) bond.

  • What is bail?

Bail is the money a person must pay to be released while their case is pending. Bail acts as a security to secure a person’s presence in court. There are multiple ways to post bail and get out of jail for DWI in Round Rock.

  • How much is bail for DWI in Round Rock?

Bail for first-time DWI charges in Texas rarely exceeds $5,000.00. This is the first of many costs associated with the Texas DWI process. Judges have total discretion over bond amounts.

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In addition to a permanent criminal conviction and jail time, DWI negatively impacts student financial aid and college admissions. DWI convictions also restrict a person’s right to bear arms and travel. Driving privileges are subject to lengthy periods of suspension for DWI.

  • What are the penalties for misdemeanor DWI in Williamson County?

First-time DWI charges in Round Rock are Class B misdemeanors. Potential consequences include jail time, permanent criminal convictions, substantial fines, and driver’s license suspensions.

  • What are the penalties for a Class A DWI violation in Round Rock?

A Class A misdemeanor DWI charge in Round Rock comes with a maximum fine of $6,000.00. Convictions can lead to a maximum jail sentence of 12 months, permanent criminal records, significant fines, temporary loss of certain constitutional rights, and driver’s license suspensions.

  • What are the penalties for a DWI charge with a BAC of .15 or higher in Round Rock?

DWI with a blood alcohol concentration (BAC) of .15 or higher is considered a Class A misdemeanor in Round Rock. Penalties include a maximum fine of $6,000.00, a maximum jail sentence of 12 months, permanent criminal records, substantial fines, loss of constitutional rights, and driver’s license suspensions.

  • What are the penalties for a Class B DWI charge in Round Rock?

Class B misdemeanor DWI charges in Texas come with a maximum fine of $3,000.00. Convictions result in a maximum jail sentence of 6 months, permanent criminal records, significant fines, loss of constitutional rights, and driver’s license suspensions.

  • What are the penalties for DWI with an open container in Round Rock?

If a person is charged with DWI with an Open Container, they can serve a minimum of 6 days in jail as per the law. Offenders can face jail sentences of up to 12 months, depending on blood alcohol concentration. Penalties also include a $6,000.00 fine, driver’s license suspensions, and loss of constitutional rights.

  • What are the penalties for DWI with a child passenger in Williamson County?

DWI with a Child Passenger is a felony in Texas.Consequences may include a maximum fine of $10,000.00, a maximum confinement period of 24 months in a State Jail Facility. Sentences for State Jail Felonies in Texas require serving time day for day. Convictions result in permanent criminal records, driver’s license suspensions, and other life-altering consequences associated with being a convicted felon.

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DWI charges can be reduced and dismissed. In Round Rock, the County Attorney’s Office makes the final decision on all criminal charges. A powerful DWI defense can yield reductions and dismissals in even the worst of situations.


Yes, every person charged with DWI in Round Rock is eligible to submit an application for community supervision. Even after losing a trial, a defendant may still receive probation instead of being sentenced to jail.

  • Will I get probation for my first DUI?

Probation is possible in Round Rock DWI cases. Jail time is also possible. It’s important to put forward a powerful, comprehensive defense strategy. It is also important to note that, while DWI and DUI are used interchangeably, DUI is a different offense, only applicable to minors in Texas.

  • Can you get deferred adjudication for DWI in Round Rock?

Yes, deferred adjudication is possible in some Round Rock DWI cases, depending on a number of factors, including a person’s blood alcohol concentration.

  • What is DWI Deferred Adjudication in Round Rock?

Deferred adjudication is a special form of probation that provides a path to avoid incarceration and a permanent criminal conviction.

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The penalties for a second DWI offense (DWI-Repeat Offender) are severe. In Round Rock, a DWI second offense is a Class A Misdemeanor. The maximum fine is $6,000.00, and the maximum jail sentence is 12 months. A conviction for this offense is permanent, requires a 3-day sentence in the Williamson county jail (even if probation is granted), and results in a driver’s  license suspension.

  • Can a DWI second offense be dismissed in Round Rock?

DWI 2nd convictions and consequences can be avoided in Round Rock. No matter how extreme the facts of the case, it is important to build a powerful defense to protect your rights and preserve your future. Second DWI charges can be dismissed in Round Rock.

  • Can a DWI 2nd charge be reduced in Round Rock?

Yes, a DWI charge that is enhanced because of a previous conviction may be reduced. Reducing a DWI 2nd to a DWI is a difficult task and it can only be done through plea bargaining. An aggressive strategy allows the defense to negotiate from a position of strength.

What happens after your second DWI in Round Rock?

After arrest for DWI 2nd in Round Rock, defendants appear before a magistrate judge. The judge sets the bond amount and additional conditions of release. In Round Rock, ignition interlock is a standard bond requirement for everyone facing a second DWI charge. The device(s) must be maintained the entire time the DWI 2nd charge is pending. 

After a DWI arrest, it is critical to secure your driving privileges, request an Administrative License Revocation (ALR) hearing, review evidence from the state prosecutors, and maintain compliance with bond conditions. 

The first and most important step after release from jail is to retain the best DWI defense lawyer for your situation. An experienced law firm can greatly impact the outcome of your case.

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Jail time is mandatory if convicted of DWI 2nd in Texas, even if probation is granted. In limited circumstances, incarceration can be avoided. A dynamic defense can result in a dismissal and release from the charge. At minimum a powerful defense increases the probability of a reduced charge and avoidance of jail time.

  • Is a 2nd DWI a Felony in Round Rock?

No. A second offense DWI is a Misdemeanor in Round Rock. However, if you have a DWI conviction from another state, your second DWI charge in Texas will be classified as a Third Degree Felony.

  • How long can you go to jail for DWI second offense?

If convicted of DWI 2nd, a person can be sentenced to a maximum of 12 months in the Williamson County Jail. Texas law requires a 3-day jail sentence even if probation is granted.

  • What is the average sentence for 2nd DUI?

In Round Rock, the average sentence for 2nd DUI charges is a period of probation between 12 and 24 months, with at least three days in jail. Additionally, this includes, but is not limited to, a suspended license, an alcohol monitoring device, drug testing, fines, court costs, community service, court-ordered classes, and restricted travel.

  • Can you get probation for DWI 2ND in Round Rock?

Probation is possible for everyone charged with DWI 2nd in Round Rock. Probation, commonly referred to as community supervision, is a far superior alternative to incarceration in a Williamson County jail.

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After two DWI convictions, a third DWI charge is a felony. The maximum fine is $10,000.00, and the maximum prison sentence is 10 years in a Texas Department of Criminal Justice (TDCJ) penitentiary. A conviction for this offense is permanent, requires a 10-day jail sentence, even if probation is granted, and results in a suspended license, as well as other serious, collateral consequences that come with being a convicted felon.

  • Is a 3rd DWI charge a felony in Round Rock?

Yes, a DWI 3rd or more charge is a felony in Round Rock, even if a person received deferred adjudication for their first DWI.

  • Do convictions over 10 years old count for DWI 3rd?

Yes, all prior convictions, regardless of their age, may be used as the basis for enhancement.

  • Do out-of-state convictions count for felony DWI in Round Rock?

Yes, out-of-state convictions may be used as the basis for enhancement.

  • What are the penalties for Williamson County DWI 3rd in Round Rock?

The penalties for a DWI 3rd offense in Round Rock are extensive and can include up to $10,000.00 in fines, a two-year suspended license, increased insurance rates, lost wages, and negative impacts on housing, government benefit eligibility, and constitutional rights.

  • Can you go to prison for felony DWI 3rd in Round Rock?

Yes, the maximum prison sentence for a DWI 3rd is 10 years in Texas. A third DWI is classified as a Third Degree felony, and even if probation is granted, all defendants convicted of DWI 3rd or more in Texas are required to serve a minimum of ten days in jail as part of any plea agreement. This 10-day jail requirement cannot be waived or probated.

  • Can you get probation for DWI 3rd in Round Rock?

Yes, individuals charged with DWI 3rd in Round Rock are eligible to apply for probation, also known as Community Supervision, which can be granted for a period of up to 10 years. But, even if probation is granted, the 10-day jail sentence must still be served by law.

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Individuals charged with DWI in Texas can face an automatic Administrative License Revocation (ALR) suspension of their driving privileges. The suspension takes effect approximately 40 days from the date of arrest.

The ALR hearing is the only chance to contest the suspension. The ALR hearing is an important part of DWI defense and should never be missed.

  • How do I get my license back after a DWI in Round Rock?

If your license card is confiscated, you can request a new license through the Texas DPS website. If a person’s license is suspended, they may be eligible for an Occupational Driver License.

  • How long are licenses suspended for a DWI in Round Rock?

Driving privileges are suspended for 90 – 180 days after an arrest for DWI. Commercially licensed drivers face significantly longer periods of suspension.

  • Can you drive with a suspended license in Williamson County?

No. It is illegal to drive with a suspended license in Texas. Driving with a suspended license while a DWI is pending in Round Rock can result in bond revocation, arrest warrant, and additional criminal charges. Obtaining a Texas Occupational License is the only way to legally drive during a period of suspension.

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Being charged with DWI is expensive. Being convicted can be financially devastating. It’s impossible to put a price on what it’s worth to avoid incarceration and the potential of a permanent criminal conviction.

  • DWI in Round Rock first offense cost?

The maximum fine for a first DWI offense in Texas is $6,000.00. The total damage a permanent criminal conviction has on job opportunities and lost income is incalculable.

  • How much is a DWI lawyer in Round Rock?

Fighting a DWI costs thousands of dollars. In Round Rock, even first-time offenders can face up to 365 days in jail. Good lawyers are attentive to communication, detailed and focused with strategy, and often get the best results for their clients.

  • How much does a DWI Cost in Texas?

The maximum fine for a first or second DWI offense in Texas is $6,000.00. The maximum fine for a Felony DWI is $10,000.00. An effective DWI lawyer can fight for dismissal and work to mitigate consequences, saving time and money, potentially preserving your career and reputation.

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DUI vs DWI in Texas DUI and DWI are two different criminal offenses in Texas. DUI is a Class C misdemeanor, applicable only to minors. DWI is a higher and more serious offense, applicable to Texans of all ages.

  • What does “DWI” mean?

DWI stands for Driving While Intoxicated. The Texas Penal Code defines DWI in Section 49.04: DRIVING WHILE INTOXICATED. (a) A person commits an offense if the person is intoxicated while operating a motor vehicle in a public place.

  • What does “DUI” mean?

DUI stands for Driving Under the Influence. DUI is for minors only in Texas.


A DWI charge from Round Rock or anywhere in Texas stays on the record forever. If the charge was dismissed without probation, it is eligible for removal and deletion through expunction. If the charge resulted in a conviction, it can be sealed through an order of nondisclosure.

  • Can a DWI be expunged from the record?

Dismissed DWI charges can be deleted through the legal process of expunction. Charges not eligible for expunction may still qualify for an order of nondisclosure, which seals the record.

  • How long does a DWI stay on your driving record?

DWI charges stay on a person’s driving history forever. In qualifying situations, the charge can be removed from the public record.


The legal blood alcohol concentration (BAC) limit in Texas is 0.08. Blood alcohol levels that exceed this amount are over the legal alcohol limit for driving a motor vehicle in Texas.

  • What BAC level is considered DUI in Texas?

0.1 is the legal limit for DUI in Texas. DUI only applies to minors in Texas. The legal alcohol limit for adults in Texas is 0.08. BAC is not required for DWI in Texas. Police regularly arrest motorists based on field sobriety tests and other factors without offering a breath or blood test.

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Trey Porter Law (TPL) represents people facing Intoxication & DWI charges in Round Rock and the surrounding areas. Standing up for the citizens accused, from students to teachers, veterans to first responders, and professionals across varied industries and disciplines, TPL brings a results-oriented & client-focused approach to solving complex problems.

Trey Porter is a Texas SuperLawyer, nationally recognized as a dynamic advocate in Criminal Defense. Voted by his peers as a best lawyer in the field of Criminal and DWI Defense every year since 2015, Mr. Porter has been awarded the Top 40 Under 40 Criminal Defense Lawyer distinction by the National Trial Lawyers Association. Mr. Porter, holds a Superb rating from AVVO, where attorneys are rated based on skillful litigation, client satisfaction, peer endorsements, and positive results.


Access to information is important when dealing with DWI charges in Round Rock. The following entities play an important role in the Round Rock criminal justice system. For more information visit the Williamson County, Texas website.

Williamson County Courthouse:

  • The county courthouse or clerk’s office has information on DWI court proceedings, fines, and other related matters.
  • Website: Williamson County Courthouse

Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS):

Round Rock Municipal Court:

  • Reach out to the Round Rock Municipal Court. They can provide information on Class C court proceedings.
  • Website: Round Rock Municipal Court

Round Rock Police Department:

  • The Round Rock Police Department is the primary law enforcement agency in the city. For specific inquiries related to DWI incidents, you can visit their official website for general information or contact them.
  • Website: Round Rock Police Department

The Round Rock, a large stone in Brushy Creek, marks the site where wagons made low-water crossings in the 19th century. Round Rock Zip Codes include 78664, 78665, 78680, 78681, 78682, 78683, and 78728.


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    Driving facts involved failing to maintain a single lane and speeding. Client refused breath test and forced law enforcement to obtain search warrant for blood. Blood test result was not used after challenge from Defense, and State waived and abandoned charge.



    Client was a college student, worried about the collateral consequences of an alcohol offense. After negotiation and review of the traffic stop, the case was dismissed. Client received no criminal conviction. The charge was later expunged and deleted from client’s record.



    Client was involved in minor accident. Client was at fault in accident. A young executive, client was concerned that a criminal conviction for DWI would result in termination. After review of the traffic stop, it was clear the officer lacked probable cause for arrest. State eventually dismissed DWI charge. Client received no criminal conviction.


    DWI 2nd

    Client, a military veteran, was facing up to one year in jail. State could not prove intoxication by alcohol, and was prepared to proceed on loss of use by marijuana. After challenging the State to prove that marijuana was ingested at or near time of driving, and that marijuana impaired client’s driving, the State dismissed the case on the day of trial.



    Driving facts involved a false claim by police that taillight was out. After challenging the reasonable suspicion for the traffic stop, the State was forced to dismiss the case when video did not match police report. Client has since expunged arrest, and has no criminal record.



    Client is a public school teacher and faced immediate termination upon conviction. The facts of the case were bad. State was unwilling to budge in negotiation, and matter was set for trial – the last shot at avoiding a conviction and preserving client’s livelihood. State was forced to dismiss on day of trial. Client has no criminal record, and has since expunged the DWI arrest.

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