How much is bail for a DWI in Texas?

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How much is bail for a DWI in Texas?

How much is bail for DWI in Texas?

How much is bail for DWI in Texas?

Bail for first-time DWI charges in Texas rarely exceeds $5,000.00. This is the first of many costs associated with the Texas DWI process. Judges have total discretion over bond amounts.

  • What is bail for DUI in Texas? Bail is the money a person must pay to be released while their case is pending. Bail acts as a security to secure a person’s presence in court.Cash bail has been around forever in Texas, but there is a growing debate about it’s utility. Learn more.
  • What’s the difference between bail and bond? Bail is the money put up to secure release. Bond is the total amount of money that must be posted with the county for a defendant to be released. When attempting to bail someone out of jail, it is first important to ascertain the bond amount.
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What are the types of bond in Texas?

The five types of bond in Texas are attorney, cash, personal recognizance, property, and surety. Surety bonds are the most common form of bond.

  • What is an Attorney Bond? In Texas, and perhaps only in Texas, an attorney can obtain bond capacity with a particular county, empowering the lawyer to post bonds and essentially act as a bondsman. The act of posting a bond forms the attorney client relationship, and the attorney is automatically assigned to the defendant’s case.
  • What is a Cash Bond? A person can obtain release from jail anywhere in Texas by posting the entire bond amount in cash. The amount is returned at the end of the case, less administrative fees, no matter the resulting outcome.
  • What is a Personal Recognizance Bond? Personal Recognizance Bonds, or PR Bonds, as they are typically referred to, require no money for release. Recipients of PR Bonds are released on their own recognizance, which is essentially a personal promise to appear in court when directed.PR Bonds can be a lifeline for people who do not have the resources to get out of jail. However, many counties across Texas have begun to use the PR Bond system as a way to monitor people during the pendency of their criminal case.If financially feasible, it is better to work with a bail bond company instead of doing a PR Bond.
  • What is a Personal Recognizance Bond? Much like a cash bond, a person can “put up” their property to effect release from jail. Property Bonds are more rare these days, and not accepted everywhere. Some bail bonds companies will accept property in lieu of cash for a Surety Bond.
  • What is a Surety Bond? A Surety Bond is a bond posted through a bail bond company. This is the most popular type of bond in Texas. Typically, bail bond companies will only charge a percentage of the total amount. This makes jail release far more affordable.

How much does a bail bond cost in Texas?

There are no longer DWI surcharges in Texas. In 2019 the Texas Legislature repealed the Driver Responsibility Program. Learn more.

  • How much of bail bond do you pay?Most bond companies in Texas charge 10% of the total bond amount. This is a business practice, and is not legislatively set. Ultimately, bond companies can charge whatever they want.
  • What happens to bail money if charges are dropped?Bail monies are not returned at the end of a case. Cash bail, paid in full, is the exception. Whether a person is found guilty or innocent, goes to jail, is placed on probation, or has their charge dismissed has no impact on getting money back.
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What happens on your first DWI in Texas?

Every person charged with DWI in Texas is facing jail time. Texas is home to some of the most serious DWI consequences in the nation. However, every citizen is entitled to a bond and release from jail while fighting the charges against them.

  • How much is bond for DWI 1st in Texas? Most bail bonds for first-time DWI offenders are in the hundreds or low thousands. Ultimately, Judges have total discretion, and can consider all relevant factors when setting the amount.
  • How much is bond for DWI 2nd in Texas? Bond for second-time DWI offenders is typically set in the mid-thousands. Everyone charged with a DWI second-offense is required to maintain an alcohol monitoring device as a condition of bond. This is a costly expense that must be incurred monthly.
  • How much is bond for Felony DWI 3rd or more in Texas? Bond for repeat DWI offenders in Texas normally starts around $10,000.00, but can be much higher depending on the circumstances of the incident and the time between prior convictions. Learn more about DWI 3rd+ in Texas.


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