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WHAT IS TERRORISTIC THREAT IN TEXAS? The Texas law against terroristic threat prohibits threatening to commit any offense involving violence to another person or property. The punishment severity for this crime depends on the target of the threat, and the reaction sought as a result of the threat. WHAT IS...

WHAT IS DEADLY CONDUCT IN TEXAS? The Texas law against deadly conduct prohibits engaging in reckless conduct that places another in imminent danger, even when there is no resulting physical harm. This law aims to discourage hazardous behavior that could lead to more severe, irreversible consequences. WHAT IS THE DEADLY...

WHAT IS ABANDONING OR ENDANGERING CHILD IN TEXAS? The Texas law against abandoning or endangering a child includes two distinct offenses: (1) abandoning a child under 15 occurs when a person who must legally care for a child leaves that child in any place where the child would be exposed...

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WHAT IS AGGRAVATED ASSAULT IN TEXAS? The Texas law against aggravated assault prohibits assaulting another, which is punishable aggravated assault, if the person either causes serious bodily injury, or uses or exhibits a deadly weapon during the assault. WHAT IS THE AGGRAVATED ASSAULT LAW IN TEXAS? Tex. Penal Code §...

WHAT IS INDECENT ASSAULT IN TEXAS? The Texas law against indecent assault prohibits inappropriately touching another’s intimate areas, attempting to expose another’s intimate areas, or contacting another with a person’s bodily fluids, with the “intent to arouse or gratify the sexual desire of any person.” WHAT IS THE INDECENT ASSAULT...

WHAT IS SEXUAL ASSAULT IN TEXAS? The Texas law against sexual assault, or rape, prohibits a person from engaging in sexual conduct with another without consent. What is the age of consent in Texas?The legal age of consent in Texas is 17, based on the sexual assault statute’s definition of...


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Legal Insights Unveiled:
Your Path to Clarity

Results matter when life and livelihood are on the line. DWI arrests are warrantless arrests, and the State is legally bound to a burden of proving the charge beyond all reasonable doubt.

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