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WHAT IS CONTINUOUS TRAFFICKING OF PERSONS IN TEXAS? Continuous human trafficking is trafficking one or more persons at least twice over a period of 30 days or more. WHAT IS THE CONTINUOUS TRAFFICKING OF PERSONS LAW IN TEXAS? Tex. Penal Code § 20A.03. CONTINUOUS TRAFFICKING OF PERSONS. (a) A person...

WHAT IS TRAFFICKING OF PERSONS IN TEXAS? Texas law prohibits several forms of human trafficking, including enslaving, transporting, holding, exploiting, or otherwise using another for forced labor or sex. What does it mean to “traffic” someone? To “traffic” humans under Texas law means “to transport, entice, recruit, harbor, provide, or...

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WHAT IS SMUGGLING OF PERSONS IN TEXAS? The Texas human smuggling statute, entitled “smuggling of persons,” broadly criminalizes concealing or transporting another by any means to elude police detection. The law further prohibits harboring others so they can “remain in this country in violation of federal law,” i.e., protecting illegal...

DUI is a serious offense of particular import to military members as they face significant military consequences in addition to the criminal charge. In some circumstances, a DUI can result in the removal of a service member from the United States military. Every military branch has different ways of punishing...

DWI and DWI 2nd are misdemeanor offenses in Texas. Among other things, each can carry up to one year in jail and up to a $4,000 fine, depending on your BAC. A DWI third or more is a felony offense. A first-time DWI is a misdemeanor in Texas, as is...


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Legal Insights Unveiled:
Your Path to Clarity

Results matter when life and livelihood are on the line. DWI arrests are warrantless arrests, and the State is legally bound to a burden of proving the charge beyond all reasonable doubt.

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