What happens if I plead guilty to a DWI charge?

Attorney Trey Porter
Trey Porter

What happens if I plead guilty to a DWI charge?

What Happens if I Plead Guilty to DWI Texas

Pleading guilty to a DWI charge in Texas results in a permanent criminal conviction. Additional consequences include loss of driving privileges, gun rights, travel restrictions, and immeasurable harm to future job opportunities and college and university admission.

  • Should I plead guilty to Misdemeanor DWI in Texas?First-time offenders should only plead guilty to DWI as an option of last resort. DWI charges in Texas, especially first-time offenses, can be beaten. Learn more.
  • Should I plead guilty to Felony DWI in Texas?Felony DWI cases are complex. Repeat offenders face a maximum of 10 years in prison for a third offense. This is an enormous increase from the 1 year penalty a DWI 2nd offense carries. Learn more.
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What Happens if I Plead Guilty to a DUI in Texas?

Entering a plea of guilty to a DUI charge results in a permanent criminal conviction. Minors should never, under any circumstances, enter a plea of guilty to a DUI charge in Texas. The penalties for DUI are significantly different than those associated with a DWI charge. For this reason, there is simply nothing to lose in taking a DUI case, no matter the facts, to trial.

  • Can you go to jail for pleading guilty to DUI in Texas?No. DUI is a Class C Misdemeanor in Texas. Aside from the initial arrest and detention, there is no jail punishment associated with DUI in Texas. However, a minor under 21 years old could face jail time if charged as an adult, with DWI. Learn more.
  • Should I hire a lawyer for a DUI in Texas?Everyone charged with DUI in Texas should immediately hire an attorney. The State has enormous resources with which to seek a conviction. Considering the weight of the consequences, it is critical to do everything possible to avoid a DWI conviction. It starts with building a strong defense. Start here.

Can You Go To Jail For Pleading Guilty to DWI?

Every person charged with DWI in Texas is facing jail time. The maximum jail sentence for a first-time DWI offense is up to 1 year in a county jail. Repeat offenders at the felony level face up to 10 years in prison, but in certain circumstances, can face more time. Learn more.

  • Can a DWI in Texas be Expunged?A DWI charge can be expunged if it resulted in a dismissal that did not involve community supervision probation. If a DWI was dismissed after probation through Deferred Adjudication it may still qualify to be sealed through an Order of Nondisclosure. Learn more.


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